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Welcome to Team Pineapple's Official Site. Team Pineapple is the calling card of one of the worlds greatest volleyball players, Lloy Ball. Team Pineapple also represents the legendary IPFW coach, Arnie Ball. But what is the "Pineapple?" It all started back in 1991, as Lloy Ball was playing intercollegiate volleyball for his father, Coach Arnie Ball at IPFW. Ball and the Mastodons had just advanced to the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In the first semi-finals of the NCAA Tournament, Lloy Ball had the opportunity to showcase his talent as one of the elite players in college volleyball. Every coach studied him, every fan watched him and players wanted to beat him, but Lloy Ball ignored them and focused on his own expectations.

The freshman didn't play like one. Ball's steady and sometimes spectacular play helped his IPFW men's volleyball team end its most successful season ever with a third-place finish in the NCAA Final Four.

Despite the high expectations, Lloy Ball played like a man. "I was a little nervous," Ball said. "I didn't know what was going to happen when I stepped on the court, if I was going to have the jitters or if I was just going to play. I was pretty happy as far as keeping control and not acting too much like a freshman."

USC tried to front him, taking away his offensive attacks, but Ball calmly lofted the ball over the startled Trojans, placing it on the back line for points. This arching, base line, corner tip was dubbed "the pineapple" by Assit. Coach Denny Johnson (due to the final four being in Hawaii:) Penn State covered the deep lobs, but couldn't stop his straight down power tips. This is when the pineapple made its first appearance into Ball's offensive arsenal against his opponents.

Team Pineapple VBC Directed by 2008 Gold Medalist Lloy Ball