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Bigger Faster Stronger Review

By Dave Gable - BFS Success Story, 12/27/18, 5:30PM EST


It isn’t about making you feel less at the start of your health & fitness journey... It has been about encouragement & inspiration. It is about positive attitudes & camaraderie with each other helping push you beyond what you think you can do.

My name is David Gable, I live in Fort Wayne and am a Long Time Friend of Lloy.  We met in college and had great times and great memories togethers.  With like a lot of us life took over and we lost touch for a few years only texting or emailing or facebooking from time to time.  What also happened to me as many of us over the years even though I was somewhat active I gained some weight, had some injuries and working out and getting to the gym became harder and harder to fit in.  This past July I changed jobs and had my mornings free and I started driving up to Angola to BSA to reconnect with an old friend and get my health back all in one trip, well two trips a weeks from July 10th until currently.  Now for what the Bigger Faster Stronger program isn’t.  It isn’t about ego or slamming huge weights.  It isn’t about competing against each other.  It isn’t about making you feel less at the start of your health and fitness journey.  What BFS is and has been for me: It has been about encouragement and inspiration.  It is about getting guidance and coaching from a world class athlete who couldn’t be happier you are there giving your all, no matter where you are on your journey.  It is about positive attitudes and camaraderie with each other helping push you beyond what you think you can do.  What BFS has done for me personally: First and what most people are looking for I have lost about 25 pounds so far.  My blow up knee that ALWAYS bothers me, bothers me less or almost not at all.  Building those muscles around my knee have fixed a lot of the problems I was having.  It has raised my quality of life more than I ever thought 2 days a week training ever could.  It has helped make everything easier, mowing the lawn, doing things around the house, while on vacation in October carrying luggage from the car to hotel rooms was easy, where in the past seemed like a real task.  I am an avid cyclist, and what it has done for me on the bike has been remarkable beyond what I could have ever expected.  This program will help make your life better, but you have to do the work.  Living in Fort Wayne I only do 2 days a week and just those 2 days have made a huge difference.  I do a few work outs at my home on the other days, but my hardest ones are at BSA.  If you join us and give it the time you will see a difference.  The program starts with a lot of work on form and learning to do the lifts and exercises properly so that you don’t get injured right away, you lift light weights to start to help minimize soreness and injury.  For example my first day on Squats I did 65 pounds, last week I did 255 pounds, but that is a progression over July until now.  I and we hope to see you at BSA to have us help you make those New Years Resolutions a reality.  This is the least intimidating gym type situation I have ever seen, Rachelle, who is also a coach at BSA is such and incredible athlete and coach who has also helped and encourage me along the way.  Hope to see you in the new year.