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JAN Players of the Month

By Team Pineapple, 02/01/18, 12:00PM EST


Open - Brooklyn Bourne | Club - Brenna Spangler | Regional - Lucy Smith

The following players display all the characteristics of Team Pineapple volleyball players. Read the nominations below and you will understand why they were chosen as our Players of the Month!

Brooklyn Bourne EXEMPLIFIES Team Pineapple and her commitment to the sport is unmatched.  Not only is she competing for our 13-1 team, she also practices with another club team when they need a body.  She is currently weight training with the Angola school team, but still shows up to our practices with nothing but energy.  She constantly shags balls (without being asked) and can always be heard cheering for her teammates.  Now for on the court: Her hustle on the court INSPIRES her teammates to play harder. She is constantly covered in floor burns (we are working on that!!!) but she never hesitates to go after a ball. She has been one of our most consistent players both on offense and defense.  While she is not the loudest girl on the court, she makes her presence known to her teammates and the other team!  I cannot think of a better kid to nominate for the TP player of the month.  She is an amazing teammate, an amazing player to coach, and an all around amazing athlete. 

Brenna Spangler has shown great intensity, fire, and leadership qualities that positively impacted the team in the first two tournaments. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to go the extra mile giving 100%+ in doing what the coaches ask. At one point during a practice, she was so determined and focused in a high-intensity drill the coach stopped to be sure she was ok. She said, “Yes. I’m ready coach.”

Lucy Smith is such an easy choice!  She has proven to be a consistent, open-minded, focused player and teammate and student.  She is open to any challenge and always ready to volunteer to help or lead!  In our first weekend of play, Lucy made the jump to setter - even though we had really prepped her to be hitting – and she embraced the challenge with a smile…and then did an INCREDIBLE job!  I’m so proud to coach her and to see her in a Pineapple jersey.  She really rises to the occasion and makes everyone around her better.