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Team Pineapple VBC

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Directed by 2008 Gold Medalist Lloy Ball



as of 11-27-15

Players/Parents!! You should have received: an email about EZ Facility, an email about your teams roster, coach and practice times.  All players will be invoiced 12/1/15.

PLEASE be patient if there are mistakes, we will iron them out by Sunday's start date.  Coaches should have reached out to you by now, Saying Hello:)


Coach Ball


PS!!!! Please look at the first week in Decmber for accurate practice times on the TPVBC Calendar portal above!!!


A SPECIAL Thanks to Rick Ashmore and his staff for allowing us to run a clinic at his Dunes VBC.  We look forward to playing in their events this season.


Also thanks to our 2 TPVBC girls, Audra James & Heidi Faramelli who braved the weather to join the clinic!!







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A special THANKS to Parkview Sports Medicine for supplying on site PT's to look after the physcial health of our student athletes!!

Team Pineapple Coaching Staff

(UPDATED bios found at tab above)

Angola10elite-Emma & Annie

Angola11elite-Angie Bourne

Angola12elite-Kelli Call

Angola13-1elite-Bobbie Thompson

Angola13-2elite-Lauren & Sammy

Angola14-1elite-Trisha Perschke

Angola14-2elite-Erin & Megan

Angola15-elite-Lloy Ball & Janaya Wilder

Dekalb10elite-Lisa Harris

Dekalb11elite-Chris Gisslen & Kim Ginder

Dekalb12elite-Brian Harris

Dekalb12club-Diana Fulton

Deklab13club-Rachelle Gilbert

Dekalb14club-Krystal Smazenko

Dekalb16-1elite-Lisa "Cheeks" Hormann

Dekalb16-2elite-Kim Foreman

Dekalb18elite-Jordan Staus

Boys 14-Sarah Ptak

Boys 18-Lloy Ball


A few of our Elite teams MAY continue past the March 20th date.  That will be determined by players, parents, coaches and director. 





Mission Statement!!!

Our mission is to bring high level volleyball to the communities we live in.  And help create a volleyball culture that leads our student athletes onto great things, on and off the court.